COVID- 19 Response

To our valued clients,

We are currently going through a challenging time in the world with the coronavirus pandemic.  There are many stories floating around on social media and the traditional media that are providing a lot of information, which at times can be misleading and potentially wrong.  The situation is fluid and advice and guidelines can change quite rapidly.  Please note that we are receiving the latest guidelines from the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) and the Australian Government and adjusting our protocols accordingly as the pandemic progresses.  There is no immediate concern for clients at our clinic, we remain open at the same operating hours and business is continuing as usual.

Our goals as a clinic through this crisis are to protect our clients and staff in order to delay the spread of disease as much as possible (to flatten the curve), whilst still maintaining an exceptional level of care for your pets.  At times these goals may not be in complete alignment, but we will do our best to minimize any compromise.

Addressing your concerns:

Can my pet catch coronavirus?

Canine coronavirus, which causes diarrhoea, and feline coronavirus, which can cause feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), have been seen by veterinarians for many years.  They do not cause infections in humans.  These coronaviruses are not associated with the current COVID-19 pandemic.  There are also no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in domestic pets.

Will I catch corona virus at the clinic?

As a veterinary hospital, we constantly ensure a high level of hygiene in the clinic through regular cleaning and disinfecting.  In line with AVA guidelines we have made several adjustments to our regular protocols:

- Staff only in the hospital, surgery wards and toilet areas

- Anti-viral agents used to clean clinic (public and private areas) twice daily as opposed to regular disinfectants

- High contact areas (tables, door handles, reception bench) cleaned with anti-viral agents after each consultation

- Attempt to maintain 1.5m distance between staff and clients where possible

- Hand sanitiser in reception and consult rooms for clients

- No handshakes or hugging!


Are my pets medications and food still available?

At this stage there is no shortage of supplies with veterinary medications or foods.

Can my pet be seen if I am in self-isolation?

Yes!  Please see below.

It is very important that we all do our bit to slow the spread of the disease.  In regards to clinic visits we know our clients will do the right thing by following the protocols listed below:

If you are currently in self-isolation (due to recently returning from overseas, having contact with an infected person or are currently infected), or you are unwell with respiratory symptoms, please call us and let us know before your appointment.  For non-urgent visits we can postpone until you are through your isolation period and/or are no longer unwell.  For urgent problems, we can still see your animal, we will just need to vary how we do it:

- Stay in your car and call us from the carpark

- We will collect your animal and take them inside for examination

- We will get a history from you over the phone, and give you home-care instructions over the phone too

- We’ll return your animal to you in the carpark

- Payments can also be made over the phone

If you are well and coming into the clinic:

- We have hand sanitizer located in our reception area, please use it

- ONLY 1 healthy family member to attend per pet

- Keep 1.5m from other people where possible

- No handshakes or hugging


Thank you for your understanding during this difficult time.

From the staff at Greenvale Animal Hospital