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*As of July 2020, it is now a requirement for puppies and kittens to have a source number before microchipping can be performed. Find out more here 

New mini microchips are smaller than a grain of rice and can be implanted under your pets skin during a normal consultation. The microchip is embedded with a code unique to your pet and is the most effective form of permanent identification. This code is placed onto a national computer database, so it is particularly useful in the return of lost pets. They can also assist where the ownership of an animal is in dispute. In the state of Victoria, it is now complusory for all pets to be microchipped prior to sale or rehoming, and pets cannot be registered with local council unless a microchip has been implanted. 

If a pet is ever lost and is handed in at a veterinary clinic, animal shelter, or local municipality, a microchip scanner is passed over the animal to reveal the unique code. The national database is then used to identify the owner and the process of contacting them can commence.

CLICK HERE to update your pets microchip details

If your pet is not microchipped please give us a call to make an appointment to have one implanted.  If you find a lost pet please call us to arrange a scan and see if the pet has a microchip.

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