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Puppy Pre-school


Why Enrol your pup in Puppy Preschool?

Puppies are adorable, but they can also be 'naughty'. Unfortunately, 'naughty' behaviour as a pup can lead to unmanageable behaviour as an adult dog. All those cute little things that they do actually have meaning in their development. They are constantly taking in information and learning - they do something, look at your response, and adjust the behaviour accordingly. This very  impressionable period for the puppy brain lasts until around 4 months of age. During this time, these good & bad behaviours 'imprint' permanently in their brain.


This means that the first couple of months are cruicial to their developement and you have the opportunity to show them what is acceptable behaviour using rewards and what is inappropriate, by ignoring. So this is when they learn the right way to behave by our consistency and reinforcement. However, if we do nothing, the wrong behaviours can also be inadvertently reinforced and we can add to all these woes later in life.

What do we do?
Play / socialisation sessions
Problem solving of undesirable behaviours like jumping up, barking, aggression and separation anxiety
Puppy health care issues
Tour of the hospital - making the pups feel comfortable
Basic Training - helping you to control your pup, not just when they are little & cute

 at Greenvale Animal Hospital

Saturday Mornings 8 - 8.45am

For pups aged between 8 - 14 weeks

4 week course

Phone the clinic on 9333 1993 to book

*Spaces are limited so phone to book your spot today!

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