Stress Free

Greenvale Animal Hospital is a Stress Free Pets accredited clinic. This means that we try to do everything we can to make your pets visit to the clinic as stress free and pleasant as possible.

Some of the things that we do to help your pet feel at ease is the use of Feliway and Adaptil pheromone sprays in the clinic, gentle handling techniques and using lots of treats.

The vet clinic can be an overwhelming place for your furry friend. There are lots of different smells, sounds, other pets and new people to deal with, and this is before your pet is even seen by the vet for their examination and treatment!

For pets who find the vet clinic scary, unfortunately with each visit or treatment the fear can escalate, leading to signs of anxiety, or even aggression. This situation is not nice for you as the owner, our staff, or most importantly your pet.

Often the first steps to a stress free visit begins at home.

This can include;

  • Muzzle training for dogs
  • Carrier training for cats
  • Calming medication given prior to the visit

By working together, we will make the clinic experience as pleasant as possible for you and your pet.